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Measuring Parts for the Plastic Industry using Micro-Vu Vertex and Micro-Vu Excel

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As a family run business we benefit from lots of variation and hands on opportunity to get involved, our key focus is to create long term partnerships with our customers and suppliers. We are always looking out for new talent to join our friendly team. We have upcoming roles involving automation in the manufacturing and quality process as well as opportunities across the UK and Ireland. If you would like to send us a cv and message please send to: [email protected]

The Sempre Group provide and support automated metrology solutions, integrated software and systems along with shopfloor efficiency equipment to manufacturing industries.

Our close partnerships with customers and suppliers enable us to find appropriate solutions, for complex challenges faced, ensuring quality. Resolving bottlenecks, reducing error and creating an efficient environment, demonstrating standards compliance.

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Contact us for any Metrology, Lean or Automation challenge or to find out more how we can help create a more efficient quality and or manufacturing process in your factory.

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