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Industrial metrology specialist, The Sempre Group, is now distributing LK Metrology’s full range of equipment. Sempre is complementing its existing metrology range by expanding its selection of premium and technologically advanced coordinate-measuring machines (CMM) and multi-sensor CMM software. These British manufactured systems will enable manufacturers to improve digital inspection, reducing measurement cycle times and improve accuracy and repeatability.

LK Metrology’s high accuracy systems, such as bridge-type CMMs, gantry systems and horizontal arm and dual-arm CMMs, are flexible for every manufacturing industry. Its Altera Bridge Type CMM series offers manufacturers multi-sensing technology with probing and non-contact sensors for high precision and full 3D measurement of parts that have bores and internal features. 

Sempre will also stock the LK Metrology Ultima range of gantry systems that enable manufacturers to measure large components, including vehicle chassis and large components for wind turbines. The HC90 range of Horizontal Arms and Twin Column Multi-Sensing CMMs are fully automated computerized numerical control (CNC) coordinate measuring machines for product verification of large and heavy components in transportation and automotive industries. The dual system allows manufacturers to carry out touch and laser probing at the same time in one scanning system, collecting twice the amount of data at once.

Sempre will also supply LK Metrology’s Camio CMM Software. The software can be integrated with multiple CMM sensors to reduce inspection cycle time, improve data collection and improve product quality. It also analyses conformance with computer-aided design (CAD) comparison for features and surfaces to ensure highly accurate metrology results.

“Partnering with LK Metrology, a pioneer in the industry, will allow us to provide more technologically advanced CMMs to British manufacturers,” explained Jim Mangan, chief operating officer of The Sempre Group. “While we now distribute market-leading products, working with LK Metrology is about more than equipment. Our partnership with LK Metrology allows us to provide high-quality technical support and service that ensures our customer’s specific business objectives are met, be it improving productivity, traceability or yield.”

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